Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Details of SP9 care package

Last week, I received my second package from my secret pal, One Skein Wonder.

When it arrived, I'm not sure who was more excited to see what was inside: the kids or me.
When I first opened the box, there was the secret pal requisite cloud of tissue paper-- a brilliant addition that increases the anticipation...

There was the beautiful notecard and a lovely lavender sachet (that is currently living in my basket o' wool),

and a trio of lovely Filatura de Crosa mohair blend yarn in the prettiest sky blue.

Then came the patterns... oh, the patterns: The famous Rogue, which I've been salivating over for at least a year but never felt accomplished or cool enough to even buy, let alone knit*; the cabled cap that matches Rogue, and a fun fingerless mit/glove pattern from Rosie knits.
Finally, there was this darling German "Smoker". My pal celebrates a German heritage, and introduced me to one of their Christmas traditions. The kiddos and I had to immediately light his little incense cone and let him smoke away for the better part of the afternoon.

What a fun package... what a wonderful secret pal!

*After reading the 12+ pages of instructions and charts, I still don't feel accomplished enough to attempt this beautiful work of art. I think I'm going to get another sweater or two under my belt before I tackle this one. Maybe later this winter... after the Christmas craziness is done.

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you liked the package. I can't wait to see the posts of the finished Sweaters!